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Four Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

Here are a few more designs for national emblems:


You are a serious geek if you know where I got the design for “A” from. “B” is a petroglyph of an eagle. “C” is Sleipnir, and “D” is a snowflake.

I am not sure which ones of these I will use; but probably C and D. At any rate I now have enough to cover the major nations of the setting.


Five More Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

I am fairly happy with these; most of the work was done by the fine folks at OpenClipArt.org – I just assembled them:

I will probably use the pegasus, fist, and olive wreath will symbols for some of my minor nations, and I think the other two are good enough to find their into the setting as well…

Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

I created these last night – all of them are very quick & dirty; it was, so to speak, an insignia brainstorming session.

Insignia for minor nations
Insignia for minor nations

Some remarks:

A+B: I like these, but I feel they scream “Sweden in space”. That may be acceptable for a colony that was established for the Swedish, but I am not entirely sure I’d want it as a symbol for one of the interstellar nations. Still, a candidate for actual use.

C+D: Color variations. C is the Finnish version I guess. 😉

E: Not too fond of this, perhaps it could be used for a corporation, very small nation or an individual colony.

F: I like this one. Perhaps for the Thousand Worlds nation.

G+H: I also like this one. Colors could be changed, and perhaps the entire thing could be on a circular background or something. Definitely a candidate for actual use.

J+K: Not too fond of these.

M: Turkic/Islamic feel to this symbol. Could be used – I don’t hate it – but it doesn’t have a cool factor.

N: Sword impaling a planet – planet obviously would need work. I kinda like it, need to see how this comes out.

O+P:  Two slight variations; I prefer the aligned version (O) rather than the one with the stars at an angle. Again slightly Islamic/Turkic feel. Another candidate for actual use.


Here are some additional variants as suggested by Realmwright: