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Enderra 2015

E2015: The Moons of Enderra

Back when I first designed Enderra, I decided that it had three moons and a (thin) ring system. I did this mostly for the imagery, not really thinking about the consequences much. Multiple large moons can have severe effects on the planetary environment. Universe Today has a summary of some of the effects of adding a second, Moon-sized, moon to Earth.

White Moon, Meet Red Moon

The scenario they describe is extreme, and I am not quite sure where they get some of their numbers (tides “thousands of feet” in height seem off) but I am sure they know more about this stuff than I do. Anyway, even with lessened effects, I have come to think of three moons as excessive.

At the same time, I do like the “exotic” visuals. Let’s ditch one moon and the ring system.

Enderran Moons . Size Comparison
Enderran Moons . Size Comparison

I’ve done some math to make sure the moons don’t cause huge problems. I mostly used GURPS Space for this, since I couldn’t find formulas easily, and ran the numbers for the Moon (of Earth) through the same process – for verification. Even when the two moons align, their effect on tides should be at most twice that of Earth’s Moon. The actual tidal levels, though, depend a lot on geography and local conditions. Yes, we will have some tides that are more extreme than on Earth, but it won’t mess with the fundamental state of affairs. Nights will be a bit brighter, and there will be a little bit more volcanism on Enderra than on Earth.

Both moons are tidally locked to Enderra – that is, they always show the same face to Enderra. The White Moon’s synodic month is 30.33 days, the Red Moon’s is 43.22.

What’s in a Name?

The two moons are simply named “the Red Moon” and “the White Moon”, similar to how Earth’s moon is just called “the Moon”. I might give them name later (the three original moons had names) but I think I like the simplicity of “Red Moon” and “White Moon”.

Reorganized World Building Links

I’ve split up the world building resources page into several sub-pages; the main page just got too big and unwieldy.

If you have any additional links that could be of interest, please let me know – I’d love to hear about sites you find useful, and I will add anything that is of general utility to this collection.

The new sub pages are:


What’s In a World Name?

I recently discovered that a lady on Twitter has the given name “Enderra”. I didn’t quite figure out what that means, yet, but it might be a variant of Endrra.

Endrra is Albanian for “Dream” and Turkish for “rare”.

There are other meanings for similar words:

Ender means “rare” in Turkish. (Someone clear this up for me, pretty please?)

Endera is a family of moths. It is also “either” in Swedish.

Indera is the Malay name for the Hindu god Indra.

Enderra is also quite close to Andorra, though this also wasn’t my inspiration for picking the name.

None of which are related to how I actually came up with the name. I think I didn’t tell that anecdote to many yet: When I was building my world way back in ’92, I urgently needed a name for it and I just couldn’t think of anything. At the same time I was listening to the radio, tuned in to a station with the code/abbreviation NDR2. And when I rearranged and twisted it, NDR became En Der Rah. Enderra. I liked it, and it stuck.

Where did you get your campaign world’s names?

The Collapsed World, Map v2 (Updated)

I think the map of the collapsing world is now almost done. Of course it’s just a high scale world map, and only the surface world, but as such it’s now fairly complete. I probably need to add some detail here and there – a few more rivers, but not too many; a bunch of former islands, maybe some more cracks and canyons that cut through the surface. And finally I should place at least a handful of cities and assign different parts of the world to different races and cultures.

Colllapsing World - Map v2, updated
Colllapsing World - Map v2, updated

I am really happy how this map turned out and I can’t wait to do some regional maps. Paint.Net works quite well but it still lacks some features to make it a really “good” raster editor; still, it’s free and quite good already.

The final version of this map is now available.

The Collapsed World, Map v2

I took a short break from the Earth 2174 map because I just had to do something else… and because episode 10 of Game of Thrones gave me fantasy fever for a moment. I created a new version of the Collapsed World map, (More about the concept in that posting.)

I created the template myself, but the method I got from The Piazza’s The Edge project.

It’s clearly not done yet, and it is only the surface world (plus exposed part of the “underworld”), but I am quite happy with the map so far, I think it is definitely superior to the old one because it has more variety of terrain planned in.

What do you guys think?

This map was updated in a later post. The final map is also available.

My Home as a Subway Map

Clercon posted his home as a subway map on the Cartographers’ Guild Forums, and I figured it’s a fun exercise:

Subway Map v1
Subway Map v1

In the first version, I based my routes mostly on geography. In version 2, I modeled them much more on “traffic” flow.


Subway Map v2
Subway Map v2

I also changed some station names.

The “Western Station” – my front door – should be the main station if this was a city. “Fire Escape” – on the balcony – would be the airport.


Sandbox: Step 1b – Still Mapping the World

The first step of the Sandbox experiment turned into a much longer post than I had anticipated, and when I was done it was very late. I simply did not have time to do the last part of the first step, namely placing rivers and forests.

I did well by that decision; it took me two evenings to get it done. Now the world looks much less barren:

Got woods?
Got woods?

It probably still needs some additional rivers but this will do for a start. Some details for illustration purposes:

Rolling down the river
Rolling down the river
Ice, ice, baby
Ice, ice, baby

In the next step, I will finally get around to actually writing some background about this world. Stay tuned.

Continued in Part 2.

A Much Neglected Continent III

An update to the map of I have been working on. I think this is much nicer than the last version, but of course it’s not done.

A Much Neglected Continent
A Much Neglected Continent

I added the last mountain layer, edited the coastline in many areas, and decided against depicting ocean depths. The map really benefits from the “cleaner” seas.

A Much Neglected Continent: Closeup
A Much Neglected Continent: Closeup

Looking at it, I think I do not like the way the mountains are placed. I’ll want to have a good variation of landscapes, including some deserts, and I think I shall have to move some of the mountain regions.

The Cartographer’s Guild Forum for this map is still active, of course.


Enderra World Update

The past weeks I’ve been working on collecting notes about Enderra, the fantasy world. I’m going through my written material, all the way back to the first notes about the world, and gathering it all up in one document in an attempt to create a concise and definitive world book about Enderra. I’m at the point where I “only” have the notes about adventures from the Enderran Dungeons & Dragons campaigns left, and the Tales from Enderra. The Tales were a series of sword & sorcery fiction I wrote in circa 1995, and they’re about 50,000 words in total. The adventure notes are much shorter, but there’s still a lot of material in them.

Even so, I’ve reached a nice milestone today: The new Enderra World Book is just over 30,000 words long. And that’s just existing material, I added very few “new” things to it.

As a little sneak preview I thought I’d share the all-new work-in-progress Enderra map with you guys. This pushes the history of Enderra about 30-50 years into the future from the 1999 D&D campaign.

I expect to be done with gathering “old” material in about a week or two, and then I’ll start editing it. From the looks of it, Enderra will become my first World Book after all. I also have a tentative plan for the first additional book for the Enderra setting, but I won’t reveal this just yet. 😉

Stay tuned for more Enderran updates to come!