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NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #20

Word count: 48461 (+1692 from day 19). (But the word-count is slightly bugged.)

I made minimum progress today. Part of the reason was that I had to clean up yesterday’s writing quite a lot. I should have just called it a day instead of hammering out words when I was clearly too tired to do so. Ah, well, at least I tried. The other reason for my slightly low word count today is that I was at an awesome point to break, and so I took this opportunity.

While I am closing in on the 50,000 I am actually only at a little over 46,000 words currently. The difference is something to keep in mind – damned OpenOffice bug! Still, 4000 words is about three days of work, so that’s quite okay.

I am however still very far from actually completing the novel. My protagonists are about to tackle the main problem (and the additional obstacles I have in mind for them), but today was low on action. I did set a few things up for later – if only I can make them work.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-20

20 days done, 10 to go!

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #19

Word count: 46769 (+1757 from day 18). (But the word-count is slightly bugged.)

This will be very short, as I do not have much energy left for a lengthy posting. I made the minimum, but just barely. Please excuse me while I fall asleep this very instant.

My protagonists have volunteered to help solve the main problem, and they have gotten on their way.

Again, my apologies for keeping this short, but my eyes are closing. 2am – bed time.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #18

Word count: 45012 (+2128 from day 17). (However, see below for a problem with this!)

Uneventful evening. Made the 45k milestone. There’s pretty much no way I will conclude the story by 50,000. Wrote a lot of dialog / exposition today. Now that they have the necessary information, my protagonists will soon set out on their quest to save the world™.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-18

I did note that I work better when I have a certain minimum intake of sugars. Which is really not cool, but it is something I should keep in min for the future.

In more general NaNoWriMo news (ha, I thought I’d never include that again!), they brought their word count tool online for testing. Interestingly enough, it counts only 43678 words when I paste my work into it – 1334 words less than what OpenOffice counts. I am not too concerned over this (although it is good to know now rather than on the 30th…).

It was reported to be a bug with OpenOffice. I verified it, and indeed found the issue already filed at OpenOffice.org. That’s quite annoying, but since I used the “broken” word count, I’ll probably continue to do so as there is no way I can correct the counts of the previous days. Since NaNoWriMo verifies to the correct count anyway, I’ll just have to make sure to have a good many words more than I need. Considering how much I still need to write that should hardly be a problem.

If any of you do use OpenOffice you should definitely check if this problem affects you.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #17

Word count: 42884 (+2338 from day 16).

Today’s writing session was much smoother again. The word count is still fairly low – I only wrote 2338 words – but at least I did not sit in front of the OpenOffice file torturing my brain for hours. Incidentally, my average is 2522.6 words per day.

My protagonists are out of harm’s way for now. They are about to receive a lot of information on what really happened; that will be tomorrow’s contribution to the novel, and will probably be one of the easiest sections to write.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-17

I am getting very close to 50,000 now. I can almost smell victory…

No real insights or “in other news” today. Sorry 🙂

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #16

Word count: 40546 (+1783 from day 15).

Another day of low output.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-16

I did not feel productive during the day at all, and spent way too much time procrastinating. It became much easier to write after I took a walk (in the rain, no less) in the evening, but I became very drowsy while I was writing. I vaguely remember going to bed…

I finished the scene I was working on this morning and reached a convenient break point. In total, it was only 1783. However, I did reach the 40,000 words milestone, and will definitely reward myself for that today.

Plot-wise, things are progressing in a fairly straight forward manner. I think I will have to change one aspect of what I wrote, however. We will see. My two main protagonists should find the main objective today or tomorrow (day 17 or 18, that is) and then it’s resolution time. As there are still several things I need to work out before “The End” I am absolutely sure 50,000 words will not suffice. As a rough guess, I will say 65,000. It will be interesting to see how accurate this prediction is.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #15

Word count: 38763 (+1938 from day 14).

And so we reach the half-way point of NaNoWriMo. I made it to 38763 words today (yesterday, technically, as I am posting this on Sunday morning). Progress was slower than I had hoped. I am really feeling the chore of writing now. Words flow less easily. I have to pay more attention to steering towards the conclusion, and this limits my freedom. Instead of “this would be a fun obstacle to write about”, I find myself compelled to make sure than anything I add will get my protagonists closer to their goal. It does not mean they are having a free ride, of course. In fact when I left them today, they were in a life-threatening situation.

Wordcount as of 2008-11-15

As you can see, I slowed down a lot the past two days. This is a direct result from the lessened enthusiasm and fun. I still made the minimum quota on both days, and with over two weeks remaining I am still confident that I will make the 50k goal.

These past two days have re-affirmed my respect for writers. I was never part of the crowd who thinks writer have an easy life, but to actually be forced to write something on schedule, whether you like to or not, is a new experience for me.

Now I will take a break and reward myself with breakfast, before I tackle today’s writing session. I ended on a cliffhanger, so hopefully I will have more fun writing the narrow escape than I did getting my characters into the situation in the first place.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #14

Word count: 36825 (+1667 from day 13).

My buddy Pedro made level 58 on World of Warcraft today, and so I ended up playing in the Outlands with him for quite a while. Yes, it was a lot of fun, but it also ate away too much time from writing.

Not that I really felt like writing today. I was tired and felt terribly ill, with headaches and the works.

As a consequence, I almost did not write, but I managed to do it. I only made the minimum word count, but that would be OK even if I was not way ahead of schedule. It does mess up my nice graph a little, but it would be silly to get upset about that.

I again went back to an earlier point and added some things in that I needed. It further shows that a decent outline would have saved me a lot of trouble, and did I mention that the whole thing will need an urgent rewrite / editing process – in December?

I am off to bed now, and hope that tomorrow will be more productive again.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #13

Word count: 35158 (+3250 from day 12).

My two main protagonists are now on their way to finally tackling the main objective of the novel. And I do not mean that in a meta novel plot type sense; they are actually on their way to the location. The group of shelter survivors shattered today, as the character I do not like basically took control of it. What can I say, he is a jerk and an egomaniac.

I really did not want to write today. I had to force myself to do it. It was very awkward at first. Then I went back and expanded a scene much earlier by a short bit, and this laid the groundwork for a conflict I wanted to include today. After I had done that, those 3250 words came fairly quickly. Listening to good music helped too: I have several hours of DJ Risc’s now defunct Eve Radio show recorded. It’s really good music to listen to while working, in my opinion – not too aggressive, but energetic enough to keep you going, if that is the right term.

With 35000 (thirty five thousand!) words written in less than two weeks, I am starting to feel a little proud of myself. Sure, this ain’t gonna be a best-seller, and had I not promised at least one person that he could read it, I’d probably hide it forever. But it’s going to get done, and it’s going to get done in November, unless an Act of God prevents it.

But honestly… I don’t think it is so bad that I must be smitten with lightning.

Wordcount for 2008-11-13

Fairly smooth progression, eh?

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #12

Word count: 31908 (+3088 from day 11).

Woke up at 4am today, after I had gone to bed early, and so I did what any responsible NaNoWriMo participant would do… I began to write. Or so I tried. I failed miserably. I was stuck! I did not know how to proceed. I spent some time planning the future progress of the novel, and tortured my poor head all day. I finally began to actually write in the evening, and once I had gotten past 500 words, the rest of today’s output followed quite easily.

I am at a fairly convenient breaking point, so I decided to stop for today. I have a few more things I want to settle, before I approach the “grand finale”, so to speak. That is, where the protagonists tackle the main objective of the novel. I know I will hate the novel as I write it, and I know I will put a lot of garbage in it, but that’s okay. It will get done, it will have the two magic words on the last line: “The End.”

And then, in December, I will read it again, try hard not to throw up, and fix it.

In more general news, I think I have an idea for a fun project to follow NaNoWriMo up with. I’ll have to mull it over a little more, but I’ll post about it in due time.

NaNoWriMo 2008, Day #11

Word count: 28820 (+2835 from day 10).

I added that other scene I was talking about yesterday. It probably needs some work… but that’s for later. It added 1300 words to the story. I then continued to write the novel. My protagonists are now getting confronted with the main object of the novel. Naturally, there are more obstacles in their way, but from this point on things should develop towards a resolution instead of getting more confusing.

I was tempted, for a little while, to attempt to reach 30,000 today, but in the end I was too tired to do so. As I said before, I shouldn’t force myself just to try and get a higher word count and then risk burn-out.

I am now past the point where I even worry about criticizing myself anymore. I have accepted, no, even embraced the idea that it’s OK to write crap, that is is more important to progress and “get it done”, because you can always rewrite and edit later. (It’s just important not to forget that, yes, rewrites and edits must be done as well. It’s a matter of prioritizing and scheduling.)

No “in general news” today, because I found nothing NaNoWriMo related worth sharing. I did however discover that it’s trivial to export graphs from OpenOffice, so here’s my word count as a graph:

Worccount as of 2008-11-11