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Four Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

Here are a few more designs for national emblems:


You are a serious geek if you know where I got the design for “A” from. “B” is a petroglyph of an eagle. “C” is Sleipnir, and “D” is a snowflake.

I am not sure which ones of these I will use; but probably C and D. At any rate I now have enough to cover the major nations of the setting.


Five More Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

I am fairly happy with these; most of the work was done by the fine folks at OpenClipArt.org – I just assembled them:

I will probably use the pegasus, fist, and olive wreath will symbols for some of my minor nations, and I think the other two are good enough to find their into the setting as well…

Additional Insignia/Symbols for SF Setting

I created these last night – all of them are very quick & dirty; it was, so to speak, an insignia brainstorming session.

Insignia for minor nations
Insignia for minor nations

Some remarks:

A+B: I like these, but I feel they scream “Sweden in space”. That may be acceptable for a colony that was established for the Swedish, but I am not entirely sure I’d want it as a symbol for one of the interstellar nations. Still, a candidate for actual use.

C+D: Color variations. C is the Finnish version I guess. 😉

E: Not too fond of this, perhaps it could be used for a corporation, very small nation or an individual colony.

F: I like this one. Perhaps for the Thousand Worlds nation.

G+H: I also like this one. Colors could be changed, and perhaps the entire thing could be on a circular background or something. Definitely a candidate for actual use.

J+K: Not too fond of these.

M: Turkic/Islamic feel to this symbol. Could be used – I don’t hate it – but it doesn’t have a cool factor.

N: Sword impaling a planet – planet obviously would need work. I kinda like it, need to see how this comes out.

O+P:  Two slight variations; I prefer the aligned version (O) rather than the one with the stars at an angle. Again slightly Islamic/Turkic feel. Another candidate for actual use.


Here are some additional variants as suggested by Realmwright:

Red vs Blue Insignia?

Mh. Red imperial or blue imperial color scheme?

These are not the final insignia I will use – I think – but which do you guys prefer?


Imperial Insignia in Blue

(And note that the bottom three symbols have three different shades, the smaller center one being the same blue as the rest of the symbols.)

Or Red:

Imperial Insignia in Red

It’s probably noteworthy that the Terran Federation has a Blue and White flag, which is why I am personally leaning towards red… even though I think I prefer the blue-yellow combination. Of course I am color blind so what do I know.

Flag of the Federated Nations

What do you prefer?

Update, Aug 4th: I’ve added a few additional shades of red to the pictures, above. Considering these I am much happier with a red-and-golden color scheme; I especially like “Carmine” and “Red Devil”. Again, though, I am color blind so these reds definitely look different to me than they do to you.

Update II: Also – check out this.