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It’s August 1st and World Building Month has started. Before I get started on my project and pump out material (let’s be optimistic and hope that I will), I figured some sort of introduction may be in order for any stray worldbuilder that may happen upon this blog.

My name’s Nils, am a human male world-builder. Not professionally so, I am afraid – by day I work an unrelated job in the IT industry.

I got to world building from the RPG angle, and built my first world, a traditional fantasy setting with happy elves and angry orcs, in 1992. Enderra, as it was called, serves as a namesake for this website. Worldbuilding has sort of mutated into a stand-alone hobby. I love weird settings… as I am sure you’ll find out eventually.

Besides world-building I love to travel, I am very interested in computer games (especially the design of MMORPG’s – I have no illusions that I will ever build one, but the technology is quite fascinating), talking to my globally distributed friends, writing, reading, … and maybe some day I will even draw again.