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Human Space, 3950AD

Science Fiction Setting – 3950 AD, WIP#5/Revised Map

The year is 3950. The Terran Federation and the Empire are at war…

I’ve spent most of the morning pushing my timeline ahead. The two superpowers meet just before 3950, so I decided that 3950 is a great year for the “here and now” of this setting. The TF-Imperial war has just started; the Empire lost Camelot and Avalon (and surrounding space) to the Terran Federation’s first major offensive.

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Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map circa 3600 AD, WIP#4

Thought I’d post an update: I’ve progressed 300 years into the future, relative to the last map. As I work on the “renaissance” of human space, I realize just how BIG this thing is. And I think I probably need to slow down the initial colonization of human space by a few centuries. However, I am not going to do that now – one of the worst mistakes one can make, in my opinion, is to go back and edit something before one is done with the basic version. That way lie inconsistencies and madness.

Human Space, circa 3600AD
Human Space, circa 3600AD

As you can see, the Terran Federation has had a few centuries of a head start over Empire; however, Empire is young and eager to expand. Expansion of the TF has slowed down considerably, as the TF consolidates its territory. It’s mostly driven by some strategic operations, and between 3600 and 3700 it will mostly concentrate on closing the gaps between the “arms” of its territory.

I’m actually creating these maps at century intervals – I should have done the same with the initial colonization. That’s a lesson learned for the future.

Request for Foreign Language Colony Names

My science fiction setting currently has 511 assigned colony names, out of a list of 575 names I came up with so far. On top of that I’ve a tentative list of another 75 or so colony names, and the naming scheme I am using – primarily deities from all sorts of cultures, plus some location, personal and descriptive names – is still good for a few hundred more. However, I have a serious problem in that I only speak English and German (and a smattering of French): This means I can not confidently name, for example, Chinese colonies, or Spanish colonies, or Japanese colonies, or Indian colonies, and so on.

Especially the Chinese colony worlds worry me, since the nation will be an economic powerhouse in the future (this is not 100%, of course, but extrapolating from current trends I think it’s a fairly safe bet). The People’s Republic also has an ambitious space program. So it only seems natural that they would be on the fore-front of interstellar exploration and colonization when that rolls around.

I’m therefore calling for HELP. Your help, dear Internet! I know there’s billions of people out there who speak those languages and more. Could someone please – pretty please – help me out by coming up with names for a number of colonies? I need many, many, over the long run, but even a few dozen names I can use for major colonies would be a great start!

A Planet (Image: Nils Jeppe)
A Planet (Image: Nils Jeppe)

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Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map circa 3300 AD, WIP#3

To follow up on last night’s work, here’s a quick outline of the Terran federation, circa 3300AD, as compared to the maximum extent of human colonization.

Star Map: Extent of Terran Federation, circa 3300 AD
Star Map: Extent of Terran Federation, circa 3300 AD

It’s still very small and cute, isn’t it? Still, at this point in time it’s by far the largest nation in human space. The people of Home, who will establish Empire later, invented airplanes in 3300AD.

Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map circa 3222 AD, WIP#2

At long last, an update to our historic maps… This one shows the territory of the Terran Federation, marked are the territories of the states it was created from. By 3222, the Baldur Protectorate is still independent. The Yellow-Orange spots are other, smaller, and as yet unnamed interstellar nations.

Star Map: Historic situation, circa 3222 AD
Star Map: Historic situation, circa 3222 AD

The Terran Federation was founded on Marduk in 3181, more than 300 years before the foundation of Empire.


Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map 2650AD, WIP#1

By 2650, the already chaotic situation in human space had worsened considerably. Over 50 nations warred among each other – in fact the borders shifted so much during this time that it is nearly impossible to create an accurate map of human space. Due to the communications lag inherent in hyperdrive technology, nobody at the time had any idea what was really going on.

Star Map: Historic situation, 2650AD
Star Map: Historic situation, 2650AD

The industrial base of many worlds was severely eroded by 2650. Part of the reason to continue the war was the attempt to capture ships and factories from the enemy – in order to be able to continue the war!

The core space of the Solar League, which had been able to keep out of the war for decades, became a valuable prize. Its neighbors began to attack its border worlds in 2645. The League would eventually collapse in 2662. While the fighting would continue for decades more in some areas, the fall of the League is generally accepted as the beginning of the Interregnum – the galactic dark ages.


Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map 2620 AD, WIP#1

Several years after the break-up of the Old Federation, the nations who claimed parts of Federation territory began to settle their disputes with the use of force. By 2610, hostilities were in full swing – the great civil war had begun. It was really not one war, but a large number of wars fought at the same time all over human space. By 2620, these wars had radically altered the political situation.

Star Map: Historic situation, 2620AD
Star Map: Historic situation, 2620AD

Some of these nations were separated by “no man’s space” – areas of space where neither of the combatants was able to enforce his control; effectively wide-scale war zones. Planets all through human space began to suffer from damage to their infrastructure, either as shipments of spare parts never arrived; civilian infrastructure was neglected in favor of the war effort; or enemy bombardment caused damage.


Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map 2600 AD, WIP#2

Here’s my 2nd WIP for the map showing the political status of human space in 2600AD (compare to previous version). The Federated Nations relinquished control of the colonies two years previously, and many new nations have emerged. The borders are approximate areas of control; most of these states claim additional territories that overlap with their neighbors.

Star Map: Historic situation, 2600AD
Star Map: Historic situation, 2600AD

This unstable situation did not last long; it led directly into the great civil war which further fragmented human space.


Relative density of human colony worlds

Another map of Human Space. This time, showing the relative density of human colonies. The darker the blue, the more colonies are there in a given volume of space. The darkest blue is basically the “most marginal world was settled and terraforming projects were launched on most of those”; the lightest shade of blue is the “human colonies are like needles in a haystack”. Everything else is, of course, something in between.

Science Fiction Setting – Historic Map & Timeline Preview

It’s been quiet. Too quiet – but I’ve actually been working quite frantically on my science fiction setting. The fake advertisement was just something I felt like doing as an aside; mostly, I’ve been working out a detailed timeline and history from all the notes, brainstorming documents, and abortive world books I’ve written in the past. Just to give you an idea of the scope: We are talking about a 40-page document.

I thought I’d give you a bit of a sneak preview. There are some possible spoilers of future material… you have been warned.

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