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Maelstrom according to Olaus Magnus

World Building Month: Day 2

It’s still the weekend and I’ll get away with spending a lot of time on this world-building thing. So let’s take a quick look at what else has been happening.

Eliza has added an underground city to her world of darkness (which is not called The Black, silly me). She even posted a sort of schematic of the layout of Vastii. which I quite like for its “cave drawing” style.

Saint know-all has been working on details of a dragon-like species, known as the “taal“. Nice fresh take on them, I am not even sure I’d really call them “dragons”, but I guess “dragon” is, in a way, as general a term as “monster”.

RG Sanders introduced Arbiture, a dysmal place inhabited by – if I got this right – fallen “angelic” (very powerful) beings, who are now warring endlessly among themselves.

Cirellio has begun to build a planet called Cirellioland Lura. Lura has some funky stuff going on with electromagnetism. I’ll definitely want to see how that pans out. For my part, I try to avoid messing with the laws of physics as much as I can, except of course for fantasy worlds and even there it’s just to include magic and fire-breathing lizards and the like.

Ken Kiser started off with a creation myth for his world, which, if I understand correctly, is a setting for a novel he’s writing. Or rather, it looks more like an explanation for magic than a real creation myth, as the humans and the world already existed when this tale took place.

Finally, Aeronwy has created a world called Tria – something which she says she wouldn’t have done without world building month. And she seems to have discovered the joy of being a deity. And if nothing else came from World Building Month, this alone would make it a success. 🙂

World Building Month: Day 1

Today is August 1st, and Eliza’s world building month has started. So far there are 14 people who signed up – that is, including both the organizer and of course myself.

I don’t want to pre-empt Eliza – she’ll keep tabs on people and presumably post some sort of summary – but of course I’ll want to comment on what’s happening, as it’s happening. Don’t think I’ll be able to post something daily, but we’ll see.

So far, there have been a couple ofHello Worldtype articles. Besides this, Eliza has posted a summary of what she intends to build: A world called “the black” which is plunged into deep darkness for long periods, reminiscent of Nightfall and – the very different but surprisingly entertaining, relatively speaking – Pitch Black. It’s a neat premise and it’ll be fun to see how it turns out.

I am assuming most of the other participants are based in the Americas, and will probably post during the evenings. I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what develops during this month.


It’s August 1st and World Building Month has started. Before I get started on my project and pump out material (let’s be optimistic and hope that I will), I figured some sort of introduction may be in order for any stray worldbuilder that may happen upon this blog.

My name’s Nils, am a human male world-builder. Not professionally so, I am afraid – by day I work an unrelated job in the IT industry.

I got to world building from the RPG angle, and built my first world, a traditional fantasy setting with happy elves and angry orcs, in 1992. Enderra, as it was called, serves as a namesake for this website. Worldbuilding has sort of mutated into a stand-alone hobby. I love weird settings… as I am sure you’ll find out eventually.

Besides world-building I love to travel, I am very interested in computer games (especially the design of MMORPG’s – I have no illusions that I will ever build one, but the technology is quite fascinating), talking to my globally distributed friends, writing, reading, … and maybe some day I will even draw again.