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Thanks to Adam for pointing out that the downloads of Shakespeare & Dragons episodes 10 and 13 were broken. I think it happened when Google updated Docs to become Drive. Anyway, I have fixed them, now hosting them on my own server.

As a VERY SPECIAL BONUS… I noticed that I actually have a 16th episode, “The Missing Ingredient”, which I never uploaded because for some reason it also does not show up in my iTunes. It’s now been added – enjoy!


  • Episode 10 – Plot Part Three, Structuring Plot from Character Desires and Forces of Antagonism
  • Episode 13 – Setting Part Two, Creating Cultural Attributes
  • Episode 16 – The Missing Ingredient


Astronomycast: What if Something was Different?

Astronomycast #246 deals with the question: What if something was different? What if any of the parameters of the universe was different, what if we were further out in the galaxy, what if we didn’t have gas giant, and similar topics – this is of great interest to a world-builder because it gives you a good basic framework of what does and doesn’t work in your fictional universes. AstronomyCast is a good podcast at any rate, I recommend it highly.

Shakespeare and Dragon Episode 16

Paul Stark has released Shakespeare & Dragons, Episode 16, which wraps up “Season One” of the story-centered world building podcast. Episodes have been few and far between, mostly because Paul has taken the plunge to study art and become a full time artist / world builder. I wish you good luck Paul, with respect.

Episode 16 is actually a quite good episode to end Season One, and I hope that there will be season two soon. Download the episode and join the Shakespeare & Dragons forums to discuss the episode or world building in general.

Update, 2020-01-01: Unfortunately, the forums are long defunct.